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Thursday, 17 July 2014


18 prints all framed and wrapped and on their way to Birmingham. Looking forward to seeing the exhibition and meeting Emma Hardicker at the PV on August 1st at The Bond Cafe Gallery

The Bond Cafe Gallery

Impressions of Nature
Emma Hardicker Stef Mitchell

Observations of nature has been a popular focus for artists throughout history and with the invention of the printing press in the Middle Ages this inspired a strong tradition of depicting nature through art and craft culminating with the superb work of William Morris.

Emma Hardicker and Stef Mitchell continue this tradition but with contemporary sympathies. With both artists their focus is not purely on the depiction of nature and the botanical. Emma and Stef are equally concerned with conveying the sense of place of their experiences and integral to both artists practice is the act of walking and experiencing nature, they draw inspiration through this process which feeds and informs their creativity in the medium of print. 

Both artists choose differing techniques with Stef utilising Mono Printing, collecting flaura and fauna along the way to use in the creation of her meticulous prints. Emma sketches from nature and from these she employs Silk Screen Printing to create intricate and detailed prints. The resulting artworks from these different printing methods are remarkably akin to each other, both artists capture the essence of their experiences and as viewers we are offered a fascinating insight into the artists own relationship with the environments that they walk within.

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